Free-Range Koekoeks

Free-range Koekoeks

Feeling inspired before sunset one day, we decided to let the chickens out of the one hok. A hok is a chicken cage that is large enough to house 8 or less chickens comfortably. We have two cockerels that watch over a few hens. Letting them out to free-range was a little bit scary. There are many dogs on the farm (from other tenants) so we were always weary about the idea. We were also unsure if they would return to the cage. This flock had been living in the hok for around 6 months, so now was the time.

They were very timid at first but slowly they each came out and the two large cockerels were on watch, working as a team. They kept the hens close by and protected them. They pecked at the dirt getting as much worms and bugs as possible. They loved the freedom for sure!

When the sun went down, one cockerel lead the hens back inside and the other guy helped with the stragglers. He then stayed outside to do an all-round check for danger. We thought he was going to sleep outside on the roof and that was no good because then we would have to catch him. This guy is vicious with his beak and super sharp claw. Luckily when it was completely dark he went back inside.

These animals are amazing. We have let them out a few times in the last month, two hours or more before dark and even left them alone to do their thing.

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