Robert Patson of Happy Land Farm in Kyalami believes free-range chickens not only hold the answer to healthy food, but that his model of farming could help alleviate poverty for individuals and communities. - Farmer's Weekly, 2018


Farmer's Weekly, 10 August 2018
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Spyskaart, 2018 - Egg segment

Nisboere, 2019 - Episode 11



PPK Yearling Show, 12/05/2018 - New Hampshire Pullets (team of 4), 1st place, 2nd Best in Variety
PPK Yearling Show, 12/05/2018 - Potchefstroom Koekoek Pullet (under 12 months of age), 1st place, 2nd Best in Variety

SASPO Kampioenskapskou, 4/07/2018 - Rhode Island Red (Milo): 4th place
SASPO Kampioenskapskou, 4/07/2018 - 3x Large Fowl Eggs, 3rd place
SASPO Kampioenskapskou, 4/07/2018 - New Hampshire Pullets (team of 4), Grand Breed Champion

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