An agri-preneur, farmer & owner of Happy Land Farm. My passion is bringing value to the farming industry.


Happy Land Farm was established in 2016. After watching Food Inc, a documentary exposing the unethical practices in the poultry industry, Robert wanted to find a better way to farm chickens. From his research he discovered Pamora Farm, a poultry farm in the Philippines. They welcomed him to intern for the full month of January in 2017. He went on the study Poultry Farm Management at Pamora where the main focus is on the welfare and maximum natural feed alternatives.


In 2017 Happy Land Farm started selling high quality pure bred chickens, fertilized eggs and table eggs. Robert started with just 3 New Hampshire chickens from Grehenheim Poultry.


In 2018 he partnered with Quaymberley to create Happy Chicken Farming Workshops. In 2019 he plans on working on and creating many more innovative sustainable products and services.


Robert is a member of the Pretoria Poultry Club, South Africa Show Poultry Organization, AFSA (African Farmer Association of South Africa), moderators for Farmers South Africa and suppliers to many farmers including recognized institutes such as the Agricultural Research Council.