Swaziland September 2017- Meet Altons chickens

Swaziland September 2017

Meet Alton's Chickens

As you know we love connecting with different farmers. We met Alton "Magwaza" Pierce in Swaziland on his farm and he is one of a kind. He has a passion for Malay chickens. He is breeding "Kaalneck" Malays, this means the neck of the chicken is featherless. Why would anyone want a chicken with no feathers on it's neck?  The main reason is because it is easier to slaughter and means a lot less plucking.

His chickens free-range during the day and come back into the coop at night. They eat fermented feed. They get a lot of protein from eating maggots from the maggot trap.

This hen decided to lay her eggs in an old car.

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