Our Autumn visit to Glen Seeds – March 2019


We went to visit Theo from Glen Seeds recently. He is a chicken lover just like us. His garden is gorgeous with bursts of colour because he grows for seeds and most of the plants go to his chickens.

Glen Seeds sponsors our workshops with heirloom and speciality seeds. We got some very good advice as to which seeds to plant for this season in our region. He stocked us up with Green Feast Peas, Egyptian Pink Garlic, Elephant Garlic, Bloody Butcher Corn and tons of spinach. Theo gave us a tour around his garden which starts off in the enclosed area that used fencing from old tennis courts, it is superb for vines to attach to. He showed us many exciting exotic beans that we have never come across. We were especially impressed with the purple mielie and the Amaranth Dreadlocks.

With regards to the garlic beds, his advice is that he gets much better results with mulch, a good decent layer and make holes for the seedlings to come through - it should be loose enough.

Amaranth Dreadlocks

Black Zebra Tomato


African Horned Cucumber
Hybrid Chicken
Gorgeous Zinnia

Theo always has something new and exciting growing so we are always happy to see his garden. Get your seeds from Glen Seeds by visiting his website: glenseeds.co.za.

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xo Robert & Quaymberley

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